Barbara Dewey
December 21, 1923 - April 2, 2005

Barbara Dewey was born in 1923 the first child of Eleanor Stratton and Edward R. Dewey. When, she was five years old, her parents divorced and Barbara and her brother, Ned, moved to Washington DC where her father worked as an Economist, a very early instance of this profession .At times living in Chicago and then Connecticut, Barbara graduated from Greenwich High School and attended Smith College.

In 1945, Barbara married Robert Wehrman a decorated fighter pilot returning from action and a childhood admirer. The couple lived in Connecticut, Washington DC, St. Louis and finally in Peoria Illinois. Barbara had the first three of her five children, but the marriage did not flourish and they divorced in 1955.

Barbara moved herself and her three children to Berkeley California, where lived a few of her mother's relations. Here she stayed until 1975. A marriage to Lionel Whitnah in 1958, lasted five years and produced two more children. Subsequently, she raised her brood on her own working for a time in real estate.

By the time that her children were grown Barbara was realizing that her life had not developed as she had hoped, she felt powerless and, in fact, was miserable most of the time. Just at this low moment, she was introduced through the work of Earnest Holmes, to the principles of creative manifestation. Here finally was information that was empowering and this information was, for her, like water on parched land.

Beginning here for the next ten years or so she explored this field, taking training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, traveling to Russia, reading extensively and turning her life around. No longer a piteous overloaded victim of outside circumstances, but a powerful woman in charge of a happy well-balanced life, she became a psychic healer for a time as her understanding continued to mature.
In 1975, Barbara moved to Inverness, California where she lived for the last thirty years of her life. Continuing her work as a psychic healer, Barbara began writing. In 1985 she published three books; her first and most popular book, As You Believe, which discusses how beliefs and intention form our experience, The Creating Cosmos, which explores mind/consciousness as the source of reality, and The Theory of Laminated Spacetime, which explores for the first time her growing conviction that reality as we see it is actually intermittent, phasing in and out with a state of pure energy. And that it is within the gaps (of pure energy) that consciousness shapes reality, pulling it forward by "knowing" what the future is going to be.

Dewey continued her readings and cogitations, absorbing classical quantum mechanical physics on the way, and in 1993, published what she considered her most important work, Consciousness and Quantum Behavior. In this work her theory of Laminated Spacetime has been fully developed. Dewey has also authored many articles and a moving memoir of her life before Inverness.
At most times in her life Barbara was involved in liberal politics and community projects.